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My name is Bernátné Murányi Zsuzsanna (Zsuzsanna Murányi). I live in Eger with my twins and my partner. I started making gobelins 7 years ago and I have been dedicated to this passion ever since. I have tried all kind of sewing and embroidery but none of them brought me as much peace and joy as the goblein.

First I only showed my pieces of work to my family but they encouraged me, so 3 years ago, in 2006, I dared to enter the „I. Országos Szamosközi Gobelinvarró Pályázat” competition (First National Gobelin Competition) in Szentes, where I won a prize in needlepoint gobelin category. This prize was a surprise and a delight beyond words, as there were a lot of applicants and very high standards at the competition. My works have been highly appreciated each year since then, I have come home from the „II. Országos Szamosközi Gobelinvarró Pályázat” competition (Second National Gobelin Competition) with another prize in my hands. Last year, in 2008, I won the first prize at the same competition in needlepoint gobelin category with my picture called „Farm in Autumn” which brought me delight and pride. In addition, my other piece of work „Farm” won the prize of the audience in normal category, which I am also really proud of. I prefer making needlepoint gobelin for years, which is more time consuming than the normal gobelin but yet it is my favourite because of its minuteness.

Zsuzsanna MurányiZsuzsanna Murányi

I have made „Szamosközi” gobelin on request to Croatia, some of my gobelins were taken to Germany and the Netherlands, but my friends are also happy to get gobelins as presents. Now I am looking forward to the „Nyíregyházi Gobelinvarró Pályázat” competition which I have entered, too, and I am waiting for the results curiously. A competition like that is a real challange and also a happiness to see how many people find their peace and joy in the making of gobelins.

So the gobelin is rather a passion and not just a hobby.